All I want to do is tell good stories.

I am passionate in particular about stories that require a choice on the part of the audience. Once they make that choice, they are no longer an audience member, but a part of the story. It ingrains them in the world, giving them a deeper level of emotional investment. It also gives them a deeper connection to other audience members who are making that choice with them, building a sense of community out of shared experience.

I also enjoy long form storytelling. It’s one of the reasons I love television and web video – there is that chance to develop a group of characters over a long stretch of time, teasing out all of their flaws and faults and insecurities until everything is bare and exposed. It’s an investment, a long term one, in much the same way a novel or an interactive story is – you get to know the characters so well that their failures are painful to watch and their successes are worth celebrating.

I’m almost halfway through my graduate studies in screenwriting at USC, and the best way to reach me is probably through email: danaluery @


Current projects

School, of course.

Transmedia Editor on Welcome to Sanditon, made by  the amazing team that brought you The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (plus me).

The planning stage for Season 3 of Echo Chamber, the TV Tropes webshow.


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